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The ultimate in addictive word games puts your vocabulary to the test.
Jigsaw Mania Volume 2!
With over 600 puzzles, plus the ability to make and send your own, Jigsaw Mania offers an outstanding set of features, and endless hours of enjoyment for your entire family.
Flip Words 2
Form words in your cube of letters and solve thousands of familiar phrases in this exciting sequel.
Build words using tiles you remove from the board in Mahjong style in this creative spelling game.
Grand Master Chess: Tournament
Challenge your mind and master the board from a beginner tutorial all the way to expert, Chessmaster levels.
Haiku Journey
Enter the fun and relaxing world of Haiku Journey - an innovative game that brings together the most exciting and challenging aspects of the top word puzzle games.
Bookworm™ Adventures - Fractured Fairytales
Build words and battle 50 fairytale foes in part one of this new vocabularious adventure!