Hermes: Sibyls' Prophecy Collectors Edition

Game Genre(s): Time Management, New

Full Description

Fight to save to the gods as they battle to retain their immortality! Filled with bizarre and fanciful creatures of legend, vivid graphics that pop off the screen and audio that wraps the player in a thrilling atmosphere of mythology, Hermes: Sibyls' Prophecy is an epic adventure and a perfect escape for the young and the ageless alike.

  • 50 levels of gripping challenges
  • Novice, Expert and Relaxed modes
  • A learn-as-you-play tutorial
  • Simple point-and-click controls

  • Bonus chapter with 20 levels
  • Seven collectible items
  • Step-by-step walkthrough
  • Breathtaking downloadable soundtrack
  • Stunning desktop wallpapers

Other Information

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