Silmarils Collection

Game Genre(s): Action/Adventure, New

Full Description

With this 16-game Silmarils compilation, you will experience action, adventure, strategy, and more while taking on the role of unique characters in truly thrilling adventures.

This compilation focuses on quality and loyalty to the original games, providing access to the emotional adventures and beautiful graphics of days gone by. This collection is a real gold nugget for all retro gamers as well as anyone fond of deep adventure gaming.

The Silmarils games, developed between 1987 and 2003 for games consoles and computers, appealed to gamers worldwide. The Rocques brothers, sparking off the label, knew how to evolve their worlds with varied titles offering eccentric universes full of discoveries.

  • Hundreds of hours of playtime across 16 different games
  • A variety of genres, including action, adventure, strategy, role-playing, arcade, and more
  • Beautiful and mysterious universes, raning from fortified castles to distant lands, unknown islands to uncharted planets
  • Deep focus on characters' psychology and emotions brings you into the story

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