300 Dwarves

Game Genre(s): Strategy/Sim

Full Description

300 Dwarves is a classic tower defense game, featuring beautiful, hand-drawn graphics and animations and a rich, captivating storyline. It's an epic tale of a dwarven mercenary band seizing the opportunity to increase the content of their pouches.

The adventure begins when the green horde arrives in the peaceful Kingdom of Men. Soon you'll be battling beyond the kingdom: the village, forgotten dwarven mine or even a desert land... You will face off against many enemy types, from the smallest goblin to tough orcs to other kinds of creatures.

As dwarven commander, you can access five basic tower types (which you can improve through gold gained during levels) and three special powers, the use of which may be the key to victory. Plus, at the end of each level, you get treasures (from one to three, depending on your commanding skills), so you can purchase additional upgrades for each tower type or each special power. And there is a plenty to choose from!

The game offers an engaging and challenging, user-friendly gaming experience combined with attractive visual sensations. A unique, hand-drawn style gives the game an unparalleled character.

  • 12 beautiful, hand-drawn levels
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Captivating epic story
  • 5 unique tower types
  • 3 special powers
  • 32 different dwarven technologies to upgrade your defenses
  • Multitude of enemies and different environments

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