Slingo® Supreme 2

Game Genre(s): Card/Casino

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10 million games in one! The very first Slingo® Supreme had only 16 powerups. Slingo® Supreme 2 is packed with 32! All those powerups empower you to make over 10 million different combinations! The variety of fun will never run out. You get classic powerups like Slingo Vision and Treasure Chests, but also brand new Supreme ones like Don't Stop and Echo Slingos! You'll even get some favorite powerups featured in the Slingo® Quest series like Speed Slingo, Lucky and Exploding Slingos. But wait, there's more! :) We've doubled the devil minigames to include new ones like Hi Lo, Odds and Evens and Battle Dice! We've also doubled the awards to give you plenty of ways to show off your slingo skills. And finally, what is a Slingo® Supreme game without the Daily Challenge? And wait to you see the challenges when it is selecting from all 32 powerups! Wow, that is alot of Slingo fun in one game! It's awesome! It's huge! It's Slingotastic!

  • 32 powerups - makes 10 million different games
  • Brand new powerups including Speed Slingo! Don't Stop! Echo Slingos! Lucky! Exploding Slingos! and more
  • Brand new mini-games including Hi Lo! Odds And Evens! Battle Dice! and more
  • Infinite daily challenges using all the powerups you unlock
  • Many awards to show off your skills
  • Great sounds and music
  • New high resolution graphics

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Slingo at it"s Best

MVPLadybug | 4
Comments: I really liked this Slingo game. It had lots of good graphics and sound effects. You can select the type of game you want to play. I especially like the type of bonuses you can earn, and you can select which one to use, according to how many open slots you have earned. These bonuses are more useful than ones in earlier games. This definately Slingo Supreme!

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