Vagrant Hearts 2

Game Genre(s): Action/Adventure

Full Description

Following Valmore's defeat, Azulel has enjoyed an era of peace and quiet The Brotherhood's reputation has been restored and the Kingdom is properous. However, difficult times are quickly approcahing from a land not too far away...

Weeks after disappearing, Scarllet and Wyatt are found in Dark Azulel, a land forgotten by the government and made up of separated islands governed by no one. A mysterious and dangerous sect called Black Scepters are pursuing Scarllet for unknown purposes...could it be related to Scarllet's new found gift? Begin the second adventure to find out!

  • 10 optional bosses
  • Special crests
  • Hidden dungeons and characters
  • Ultimate weapons to discover

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Like Zelda

bFly2001 | 4
Comments: My son said this game reminds him of Zelda. It kept him busy for a nice amount of time at 13 that says alot. I never played for myself and that's all the information he gave me about the game.

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