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Experience LUXOR like never before! Answer the call of the goddess, Isis, in this addictive marble-shooter game. Chains of colored spheres are working their way through ancient Egypt, and it's up to you to stop them before they reach the pyramids. Wielding your mystical winged-shooter, you must fire colored orbs into the chain to make matches of three or more, and eliminate the spheres from the chain. Clear out the entire chain, and you'll work your way up to the next level.

Customize your shooter to play LUXOR just how you like it with two different types of aim assist and face off with the approaching spheres in four different game modes: Practice, Adventure, Survival, and Challenge of Horus.

  • 25 all-new backgrounds
  • 88 levels of marble-shooting puzzles
  • 4 Game modes: Practice, Adventure, Survival, & Challenge of Horus
  • Collect Ankh coins to earn extra lives
  • Catch falling gems to earn bonus points
  • Power-ups like Stop, Slow, Reverse and Wild help you along the way
  • Thrilling music and sound effects
  • Customizable controls

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HD Luxor

bFly2001 | 5
Pros: Everything
Cons: Non At The Time
Comments: Here's the next in the series of Luxor games. You still shoot spheres at like colored moving spheres trying to clear them before they reach the pit. If they reach the pit, your go is over and you won't progress. But you actually work your way up the ranks the more boards you clear and many bonuses to use and gain. Also, any age can play this game, even down to the youngsters. Any body should give this game a go.


Pros: ALL

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