Best in Show Solitaire

Game Genre(s): Card/Casino

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Best in Show Solitaire is an addictive solitaire card game where you attempt to move up the ranks and become the best dog trainer around. It all comes down to the National Best in Show competition and you'll need to play through over 300 hands of solitaire to earn cash and sponsorships. Purchase supplies and new dogs from the Pet Store. Train your dogs and play hands with them to unlock their unique abilities. Chain together combos to fill up your bone meter and propel yourself to the top dog trainer rankings! With tons of hands to play through, 40 breeds to collect and train, 3 different times of day, and a National Championship on the line, Best in Show Solitaire will keep you chasing your tail for months.

  • 40 different breeds of dogs
  • 2 unique abilities for each pup
  • RPG elements and statistics
  • Easy and addictive card gameplay
  • 30 achievements to unlock

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solitaire winners circle 4 your dog.

snickers1 | 4
Pros: it was too cute!
Cons: my kitty watched, me play & got jealous!
Comments: cute game if u like a solitaire card game, got bored after a while, and omg! my kitty, heard the sounds and went nuts, thought, the birds were really near my window? fine tuning, i asked my b.f. if he was feeding birds again out side? we actually, got mad @ each other because i surely, didn't see birds but heard them very loudly, we got in2 a tiny arugement, until, i listened, realizing it was my game all a long! this made me laugh soo hard, but, left the game 4 u guys to enjoy ty, snickers1 hahaha 2 fun!

Best in Show

mare | 3
Comments: So different. This is cute but I couldn't get thrilled. You play solitaire and gain points toward getting more dog choices and points. But it really didn't mean much to me. The graphics are ok, nothing special. I probably won't be playing it. It's not bad just kind of dumb.

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