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Imagine having your favorite five hundred solitaire games right on your desktop. Top 500 Solitaire provides an extensive library of solitaire card games with complete rules, undo/redo, automated demos, in-game hints, statistical game analysis, a card counting device, and automatic game saving and archiving. This game includes dozens of backgrounds, card faces, and card backs and even gives you the opportunity to create or import your own graphics. If five hundred classic card games are not enough for you, there is even an engine to help you design your own games. Top 500 Solitaire is great for the entire family because it allows for multiple users to have their own accounts with customized preferences and user specific statistics. Your game will even have "a mind of its own" that learns your playing habits and can help you select a new game to try.

  • 500 game styles to choose from, and an editor to make your own games
  • Pick from dozens of backgrounds, card faces, and backs or import your own
  • Allows multiple user accounts on the same game for saved preferences and play styles

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Top 500 Solitaire

mare | 5
Pros: Graphics
Comments: The tile is acurate. These are the top games and the graphics are good. A choice of backgrounds adds a variance to the scenes. There are many options and controls easily accessable in the tool bar. There is a scoreboard that keeps tact of your scores so you can look back and try to beat yourself. What els can I say. It's Soliaire!! It's Good.

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