Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy - Part 2

Game Genre(s): Action/Adventure

Full Description

From the shores of the Amerzone, you set out to explore the terrain, following Emile Valembois' expedition step-by-step and encountering his former accomplices. In order to return the legendary white bird to the forest, you have to discover the origins of the bird: where it came from and how it is born.

During your journey, you'll have to traverse isles and villages, then work your way up river, looking for clues to help you, while avoiding pitfalls and working out solutions when you have no choice. Your goal is getting closer now, but the real adventure has only just begun.

  • Second part of the fascinating Amerzone adventure
  • Follow the fascinating treasure trail laid out in Valembois' notebooks
  • High-definition graphics and cinematics
  • Hundreds of enigmas to solve

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shrlyann44 | 5
Pros: one of the most interesting games i have every played
Cons: wish i didnt have to look things up thats how intense this game is
Comments: This game was not only cool but it was like not knowing whats around the corner everytime putting the pieces together its definitely a mind game too

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