Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy - Part 3

Game Genre(s): Action/Adventure

Full Description

Your quest is near its end. You have discovered the white birds' origin and joined the Ovovolahos tribe, who are intimately involved in the white bird's history. They will help you to bring the legendary birds back to life. You will have to set in place the ceremony to ensure the egg's good health, then find a trail through the swamp to the volcano overlooking the Amerzone, the only possible birthing site for these mythical creatures. Can you complete the ritual and accomplish your goal, finally, after such a long journey?

  • Last part of the fascinating adventure from the author of Syberia and Syberia II
  • High-definition graphics and cinematics
  • Hundreds of enigmas to solve
  • Varied and bewitching music and ambient sounds

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Comments: NICE GAME.

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