Island Tribe

Game Genre(s): Arcade, Time Management

Full Description

On a small island in the middle of the ocean, there once lived a forgotten tribe. The inhabitants of the island lived a carefree and quiet life and everything seemed to be perfect, until one day a great volcano woke up. As the sky spewed lava and ash, the villagers abandoned their homes and ran for their lives. They headed for the ocean, making their way through treacherous mountains, wild jungle and deep swamps in order to escape from the island.

Help the settlers reach the ocean before the volcano strikes its final blow and hot lava gulps the island down. Be careful and watch every step of yours, since the dense, wild jungle is covered with clouds of thick, ashy fog and full of dangers. Construct buildings, collect resources and restore magic totems to clear up your way and help the tribe escape from the island!

  • 30 challenging levels
  • 3 colorful episodes
  • Beautiful graphics and animations
  • Strategy and Time Management gameplay

Other Information

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Average Rating


Running crazy

DevilDog51 | 5
Pros: I love how fast the men run and collect items
Cons: When I'm blocked by animals
Comments: When I first played this game, I thought it was boring. The more I played, the more I liked it. I'm hooked.

Lots of Fun

LBJLover | 3
Comments: This time amnagement game was a lot of fun and relatively easy to play. Your little characters run all over clearing the way for you to build and recreate your tribe. You get to go to the snow, and venture in to lots of areas and build balloons and sleds. It was fun.

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