Rachel's Retreat

Game Genre(s): Time Management, Arcade

Full Description

Join Rachel as she builds the perfect dream getaway spa destination. You´ll offer clients fun activities for beauty and relaxation. Set in a tropical paradise, this innovative mix of time management and building games will pamper you in a hypnotically soothing experience. Luxuriate in the beautiful visuals and warm music while you help your clients reach Nirvana.

  • Luxuriate yourself in 50 levels of play through 5 beautiful and lush spa locations.
  • Help 6 different types of clients reach Nirvana with 18 unique beauty, energy, and relaxation stations
  • Build out your dream retreat at the same time you are helping clients reach their goals
  • Jump into the Nirvana Room for a zen-puzzle experience

Other Information

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Average Rating



nisa | 4
Pros: characters
Cons: clicking
Comments: However this is a fun stragegy game to play. It is almost impossible to beat level 50.I tried so many times to beat it but could not beat the level.

fun time managment

Sue420 | 3
Comments: really fun time managment game enjoyed it

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