Age of Castles

Game Genre(s): Strategy/Sim

Full Description

In a distant realm of sword and sorcery, a great evil swept across the land. Demons from the underworld and their evil minions poured across the kingdoms of man, until the great cities lay in ruin, and there were naught but a handful of cowering souls remaining. The people were in need of a King, someone of great strength and courage who could rid the land of the evil plague, and rebuild the cities. You are that King... You alone must travel to the end of the world, build a mighty castle, slay the undead hordes, and convert the people of the land to loyal subjects of your domain... in the Age of Castles!

  • 5 different kings each with different personalities and skills: Dwarf, Wizard, Prince, Knight and Warrior
  • 18 locations, each with different attributes to build your castle
  • Thousands of new events
  • Buy upgrades in the magic shop
  • Battle over 60 enemies, including goblins, orcs, and dragons
  • Save your game so you can play whenever you want

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Average Rating


Easy To Learn

Shardax | 3
Pros: Learning curve easy
Cons: Gets repetitive, overly relies on amassing larger army
Comments: In this game, you progress along a map in a linear fashion to conquer more and more land. You balance production through types of subjects in your kingdom in order to build up your castle, forces, and magic items. Not much replayability, though. Good waste of a half hour if you want to kill time.

Waste Of Time

bFly2001 | 1
Pros: Nothing
Cons: Everything
Comments: In this game you get to choose between five different types of Kings to start the game. Once your a King your sent to this board where I guess your supposed to start building a castle. To do this I still havn't figured it out yet, even going to how to play isn't any help cause it show only what the icons represent. So to me this was dumb, boring and really not fun at all. If someone can get the hang of this game I would love to read your intake on this game.

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