The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure

Game Genre(s): Hidden Object+

Full Description

Elisa was just a peasant girl when the king died and one of his advisors told her he believed she was the rightful heir to the throne. To prove her worth, Elisa must conquer a fearsome dragon, face off against a giant plant and bring down a wicked witch, all while gathering the resources to rebuild what was once a glorious realm. Hours of fun await the brave of heart in this delightful match-three game for the whole family.

  • 2 match-three modes
  • 56 match-three levels
  • 8 hidden object levels
  • 237 hidden objects
  • 10 mini-games

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Average Rating


absolutly delightful

grizzy813 | 5
Pros: the mix of mattch three and hidden object
Cons: not yet
Comments: the enchated kingdom is aptly named great fun ,good graphics and the mix of both worlds keeps it interesting fun for the whole family highly recommended

Elisa is a Winner!

ofic | 5
Pros: Variety of game genre
Cons: Character graphics (minor)
Comments: This is a real fun game combining numerous genre, there are puzzles, hidden objects and match-3 both swap and chain modes. You rebuild a kingdom using match-3 for materials. One of the buildings is a shop where you not only buy items needed for the game or help in match-3 but you get to sell (now that's different!) unneeded items for cash which is also earned from match-3. Then there Elisa on her fairy tail adventure. As you can see there's much going on, I highly recommend this game.

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