Crash Time III

Game Genre(s): Arcade, 101 We Love,...

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Like its predecessors, Crash Time III, the new installment of the well-known action racing game series, offers top-quality, varied gameplay. In a gorgeous game world, completely explorable on wheels, you get to solve gripping criminal cases and master other diverse assignments. Right from the start, you will learn about the destructive power of a terrorist organization that will cross our heroes´ path again and again during the game. Over the course of the game, you´ll discover more and more details and information regarding a series of crimes that seem to have no connection at first, and then solve everything in a grand finale.

  • A gripping storyline and more than 70 missions with many different challenges
  • Bad guys try to avoid capture with all kinds of tricks and driving stunts
  • More than 200 km of city streets and autobahn where you get to drive around by day and by night
  • More than 40 vehicles, from police cars and airport fire engines to tricycles
  • The dynamic pathfinder function of vehicles creates variation in multiple playthroughs
  • Extremely fast car chases and explosive crashes

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liked this one

Sue420 | 4
Comments: good driving game, liked it alot

Crash Time

mare | 3
Pros: Graphics
Cons: Controls
Comments: I am not a fan of driving games, particularly when they are controlled by the keyboard. However the graphics are good and the crashes are really good with the parts flying around. I could never win at this and my fingers get numb and tired playing but i Gave it a try. I'm sure there are lots of people who will enjoy this. Just not me.

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