Tennis Titans™

Game Genre(s): Arcade, Sports

Full Description

Hit the courts for the most incredible ball-whacking fun ever. Tennis Titans™ is a fresh new 3D tennis game that appeals to novices and masters alike. So easy to play, you´ll be playing like a pro right away.

Underneath its stunningly beautiful and sometimes humorous exterior is a solid game, offering real-time ball physics, precision-aiming, power-user controls, and responsive character AI. The best tennis game for beginners and pros alike: Tennis Titans™ sets new standards for downloadable games.

  • Uses an easy break-out game control - all controlled your mouse
  • Includes step-by-step tutorial
  • 2 unique game modes: Classic and Rings
  • 7 colorful characters - every character has a distinct skill, such as speed, power or technique
  • 4 eye-catching courts in fantastic 3D environments - a woodland forest, a tropical island, a mega stadium, and an ancient arena

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Average Rating


KInda cute

DariaDAMMIT | 4
Pros: concept
Cons: graphics
Comments: I wasn't sure what to expect from this game. It wasn't bad but the graphics could have been better. Then again, it WAS done w/ So I guess the creators didn't feel the need to be tooo realistic. It is a very different but good concept.

Fun Game

MVPLadybug | 4
Comments: I recommmend this game. It is alot of fun to play and not too hard. With a little practice, you feel like you can play with the real tennis pros.

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