Slingo® Mystery: Who's Gold?

Game Genre(s): Hidden Object+, Arcade

Full Description

Slingo® Mystery stars Maggie Gold, first wife of casino mogul Freddy Gold. But after a messy divorce, Maggie was left with nothing. Now, Freddy just showed up dead, and his new wife is gearing up to inherit the casino. Can Maggie get back in one more time before it is too late and discover all of the secrets Freddy left behind?

  • Love, money, and revenge - a fun-filled casino heist
  • An amazing casino packed with innovative hidden object gameplay
  • Multiple unique Slingo machines to unlock and play
  • Expert Mode setting for the experienced hidden object player
  • Amazing music, ultra-sharp graphics, and snappy sound effects draw you into the adventure

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What's not to love? Two thumbs up!

Pros: This has seek items, Slingo, mystery and mini puzzles!
Cons: The games was a little bit too easy
Comments: I loved this game and despite the fact that it was too easy (finished it in a couple of hours), it was delightful. If you are a Slingo fan it has the boards, not many, but you can replay them to get the highest scores if you want more of a challenge. It has mystery and I love mysteries! The plot was great, but alas I did figure out the ending toward the beginning of game play, but then I am an avid mystery reader since school days. There was a little of Bondesque adventure and some not so nice villains to boo and hiss at along the way. There were tons of items to find before you could solve the mini puzzles. The puzzles were great but mostly too easy. I would love to see a game like this with a choice of difficulty levels with the appropriate amount of hints per difficulty so that those of us, who would like to play insanely could try it with no hints at all. Another option would be to make the puzzles increasingly difficult at each level. The plot leaves room for a sequel, so maybe the next one will be even better. I did love it though and despite the little bit of negativity here it is only advice and I thought they did a really great job in bringing this product to market. The game wasn't too violent either so it is good for even the smaller ones depending on parental views of non violence. two thumbs up!

Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold?

Rosalind | 5
Comments: This game kept my attention. Loved it.

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