The Magician's Handbook II: BlackLore

Game Genre(s): Editor's Picks, Hidden Object+

Full Description

Return to a world of magic and mystery where the enchanted Magician´s Handbook will be your guide. The evil magician pirate BlackLore has captured all the world´s magicians and fairies. Using their magic to fly his pirate ship, he´s terrorized all who tried to get in his way…and you´re next on his list.

Adventure in magical lands from a spooky school for juvenile ghosts to an underground oasis full of talking trees. Can you stop BlackLore, or will you become his next victim? Over a thousand enchanted objects, magic spells, and a variety of unique and challenging puzzles await you in this immersive sequel.

  • Over a thousand objects hidden in beautiful, hand-drawn locations
  • Use spells and items to solve challenging adventure puzzles
  • Unlock secret magical items by finding keys
  • Interact with an animated and magical world
  • Hidden objects and puzzles change each replay
  • Immersive ambient sounds and captivating music
  • Pages of engaging story

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Average Rating



scoota | 5
Pros: exciteing
Cons: none
Comments: tring to get keys are hard

this one was cool

Sue420 | 4
Comments: liked this one alot of fun

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