Virtual Families

Game Genre(s): Strategy/Sim

Full Description

From the developer of the smash-hit Virtual Villagers series comes the new casual game that captures the drama of life - Virtual Families. Virtual Families is a casual family sim that runs in true-real time. Adopt and nurture a needy person in the computer. Help them meet a mate and start a family. Cure illnesses, shop for groceries, upgrade furniture, and finally pass on the house to the next generation.

  • Choose unique and fascinating adoptees from 1000s of combinations
  • Fully trainable people: shape/adapt their personalities through praise and scolding
  • Dynamic illness system - play Doctor
  • Over 100 in-game trophies
  • Hidden puzzles to discover around the house
  • Email ´events´ and other random, unpredictable occurrences
  • Weather, day/night cycles (synchronized to the player´s system clock, so it is nighttime in the game when it is nighttime where you are)

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Not Bad At all

AngelJo | 4
Pros: The ability to leave the game and things still happen while I'm gone.
Comments: The game seems a mix between cheap Sims game and personalized Virtual Villagers. Enjoyable and has lots of goals to keep you playing.

people of color

Three | 5
Pros: timeline
Cons: need more pepole of color
Comments: \Ttry to have a choice of people for of to choose from to make our family.

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