Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch

Game Genre(s): For Purchase, Hidden Object+

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When Samantha´s new benefactor asks her to track down Alexander the Great´s Scroll of Wealth, the opportunity seems too be good to be true - searching for the scroll while collecting amazing finds for the Museum of Secrets Lost. Little does she know that a secret brotherhood is watching her every move and that she´ll have to do a lot more digging to find the true treasure.

Travel to exotic locations as you help archaeologist and adventurer Samantha Swift uncover the ancient secrets and mystery shrouding the famed Golden Touch.

  • Solve puzzles, collect artifacts, and piece together clues to uncover the secrets of the Golden Touch
  • All-new levels, backgrounds, and puzzles to explore
  • Collect artifacts and golden treasure for The Museum of Secrets Lost
  • Locate tools in each scene to help you along your way
  • Uncover completely hidden special items, and use the right tool to recover each one

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Samantha swift & the golden touch

redshoes10 | 4
Pros: not too easy but got it figured out
Comments: really liked this game

Samatha Swift and the Golden Touch

gidget | 5
Comments: Lots of fun, I enjoyed this game very much, play it you'll enjoy it too

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