AC-130: Operation Devastation

Game Genre(s): Action/Adventure

Full Description

It is your mission to support conventional and join special operation forces any time, any place, America needs you. Pinpoint enemy locations at 300 mph and eliminate all forms of threat to your ground troops and the causes of liberty.

Target more than the enemy. Destroy bridges, roads, and other infrastructure to disrupt enemy movements and missions. Master the various weapons configurations on the AC130 and outfit your gunship strategically for each unique mission. Clear the way for freedom!

  • Fight day and night, in various weather conditions, and over hostile territory spanning 30 years and 3 countries.
  • Use the plane´s low light TV, infrared, and radar sensors to locate and engage ground targets and the enemy
  • Relive the history of the AC130 with mission spanning all modern US conflicts
  • Change history in 12 Historical Mode mission including Vietnam Conflict, Desert Storm and SOG Team Extraction Close Fire Support
  • Take down the enemy with unlimited ammunition in Panama, Vietnam, and Iraq in 6 fast-action Arcade Mode missions

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Slow start, but great fun

VirtApple | 5
Comments: This game is pretty short, it's a little slow to start, but it's great fun. If you've ever dreamed of manning the heavy weapons of the AC-130 gunship, this is your chance. Make sure to read the objectives before starting each mission, as some of the later missions can be a bit confusing if you don't. But it's a lot of fun.

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