Burger Shop

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Introducing the BurgerTron 2000 - no one knows where this strange contraption came from but one thing is clear - it makes the tastiest burgers around. Use the BurgerTron to assemble mouth-watering meals and keep your customers satisfied and sated. Learn the secrets of the mysterious BurgerTron and discover why you were chosen to receive it. Featuring four game modes, more than 50 food items, and special achievement trophies, Burger Shop is amazing fun for the entire family. If you fry it, they will come.

  • Four game modes: Story, Challenge, Relax, and Expert Story
  • Over 50 food items to make
  • Eight unique restaurants to run
  • 96 different trophies to earn
  • 60 upgrade items

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Average Rating


Excercise your Memory

tech2007 | 5
Pros: Graphics, Sound and Speed
Cons: n/a
Comments: You will surely need a high dose of Java Beans to play and enjoy the game. A good way to start off the day for your memory exercise. A energy pick me up before going to work. With the true to earth graphics: Pack a hamburger or fish sandwich. I find myself very hungry after playing. I rate this game #1 for 2008/2009.

Good Game

samswifepam | 5
Cons: Nothing
Comments: I didn't think that I would this game, but I was wrong. It is really a lot of fun. Try it, I think that anyone that likes time managment games will like this game.

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