King's Bounty™: The Legend

Game Genre(s): Strategy/Sim

Full Description

An adventure RPG with tactical turn-based battles, King´s Bounty™: The Legend unfolds in a fairytale fantasy world of fearless knights, evil mages, wise kings, and beautiful princesses. Lead your character through an expansive world, explore, command armies in battle, and take on extensive quests. Two separate modes, Adventure and Combat, offer never-ending gameplay options and excitement.

  • 3 character types with different game progress styles
  • More than 30 skills, perks, and a highly-developed system of tasks and relations
  • Over 60 unique creatures with special abilities and skills ready to fight in your army
  • More than 70 spells to use in the battle arena
  • Dozens of different battle arenas and unique arenas for castle sieges

Other Information

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Average Rating


good game

Sue420 | 4
Comments: liked this game it was fun

Hard battle

jellybeans4u | 4
Pros: Graphics
Cons: Controls
Comments: It was a great going through the events but it was hard to battle as I did not know how to manouver the controls. Awesome graphics though!

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