Wagons Ho

Game Genre(s): Strategy/Sim

Full Description

Wagons Ho is a game of strategy and resource management. Take a wagon train with settlers, food, and money, then set out to see if you can conquer the west. Along the way you may run into treasures, friendly natives, and friendly settlers. You may also run into hostile natives, and hostile settlers, so watch out!

  • Western simulation Resource management
  • Make friends with settlers and natives
  • Unpredictable scenarios
  • Play at your own pace

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Average Rating


Not my cup of tea

Pros: Interesting way to choose wagon party
Cons: Not very high tech game; good for a diversion maybe.
Comments: I was disappointed with this game. The graphics were elementary. It is okay for a quick diversion, but I didn't find it to be a game to play for long at one sitting. I thought it was uninteresting.


1maddhatter | 1
Pros: none
Cons: dull
Comments: Looks like something from the old atari days....may be fun for kids, but a little to strange for for me

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