World Mosaics

Game Genre(s): For Purchase, Word/Board

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Your associate, Dr. Remington, has unearthed a relic of the mysterious and elusive Pelasgians, or "Sea People." In order to unravel the mysteries of a civilization that disappeared over a thousand years ago, you must solve the pictographic puzzles they left behind to safeguard their history.

Your quest begins in Greece, in the very shadow of the Majestic Parthenon, but it just may take you around the world before you are through.

  • 99 unique puzzles in Story Mode
  • 7 exotic locations including Greece, Egypt, India, and Japan
  • Over 100 extra puzzles
  • Over 10 hours of addictive gameplay

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puzzle lovers

Flybynite | 5
Pros: logic problems
Cons: nothing
Comments: this was a very interesting puzzle game and one I can see myself playing until completely finished

world mosaics

Rosalind | 1
Comments: i am not a fan of the game. thought that i figure out the game but i was wrong. still don't like it.

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