Ultimate Speed Reader™

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More than 200 exciting reading passages presented in six engaging activities will help you increase your reading speed and improve comprehension. This program can teach anyone, from the reading novice to the more mature reader, how to more effectively move their eyes on the page, read more than one word at a time, and improve their rate of perception, for increased reading performance at school, at work, or just for fun.

NOTE: Instructor mode not supported

  • Increase rate of visual perception
  • Develop speed reading while improving comprehension
  • Improve peripheral acuity and focus
  • Enhance memory
  • Get better test grades
  • Hone study skills

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Average Rating


Good self help proram

Pros: Nice to have this option
Cons: none
Comments: This program is a nice self help program for improving and monitoring reading skills, visual acuity and more. It is a nice addition to the games on this site.

Ultimate Speed Reader

Donsgirl | 3
Pros: Educational
Cons: not fun
Comments: This is a good educational program. It is not for fun that I could see. If you want to increase your reading speed and comprehension and are willing to work at it this is a good medium to learn from.

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