Spelling Blaster® 6 - 9

Game Genre(s): Kids

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Fun, phonics-based activities introduce spelling rules and patterns for over 1,700 words, to help your child develop superior spelling skills. By mastering multiple word-attack strategies, children learn to spell with consistency and accuracy. Seven spelling activities, correlated to state and national standards, will help them excel in the classroom. Printable materials including word searches and crossword puzzles give kids practice away from the computer. "SpellTrack" technology lets you monitor your child´s trouble areas.

Ages 6 - 9.

  • Build words using phonics rules
  • Recognize spelling patterns and word families
  • Use phonics and rhyming words
  • Edit and complete misspelled words

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Spelling Is Great

bFly2001 | 4
Comments: This is a great learning game for the kids that has loads of fun put inside also. Word puzzles, crosswords and more you can print out for fun even while your not on the pc.

Spelling Blaster 6 - 9

Donsgirl | 4
Pros: neat graphics and good story line
Cons: nothing, set up for kids
Comments: This is a good game to help children with their spelling skills and have some fun at the same time.

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