Emoticons™ the Game

Game Genre(s): Puzzle/Match 3

Full Description

OMG! LOL! ;-) Happy, grumpy, flirty or CrAzY, Emoticons is the game for Everyone. Emoticons™ is a new puzzle game so easy to play that it is impossible to stop playing. Mix and match an entire cast of emoticon characters. Make the biggest matches and the longest chains of combos to rack up the most points. Players will be chatting about Emoticons. With its intuitive and rewarding gameplay, and meet-cute story, you´ll have so much fun you´ll want to IM it to a friend! :-)

  • LOL! Brand new gameplay that is as fun and addictive as your favorite puzzle games
  • OMG! Bright and fun animated Emoticon characters
  • W0W! Four gameplay modes: Classic, Timed, Challenge, and Puzzle
  • SW33T! Earn high scores and trophies
  • CUTE! Unlock the progressive IM romance between Smiley and Lolli

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Average Rating


Fun new puzzle game

exent100 | 5
Pros: Fun, cute, enjoyable
Cons: needs more music
Comments: This game is a new puzzle game that is kinda like Bejewelled but with a new twist. The smiley faces are hecka cute and they have nice animations like winks and smiles and rolling eyes. When I play it is get into a trance and veg out for a while. My new fave game. I LUV iT! ;-)

Revenge of Smilieface

MVPLadybug | 3
Comments: Fun and cute but may be a better game for kids. Not really challenging.

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