Ancient Mosaic

Game Genre(s): Word/Board

Full Description

Ancient Mosaic is a beautifully rendered puzzle inlay game with three play modes. It allows you to match wits with Aztecs Kings, Egyptian Pharaohs, Bloodthirsty Pirates, Fierce Knights, Brave Samurais, noble Greek Warriors and Paleolithic Men, all in the quest to restore peace and balance to the world.

  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Explore all 7 epochs and access all 49 levels
  • Play all 3 game modes
  • Collect more than 15 bonuses

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Average Rating


Very cool

DariaDAMMIT | 4
Pros: Concept
Cons: none for me
Comments: I saw some of the other reviews. I loved it but I do have to say that I enjoy playing jigsaw puzzles and puuting mosaics together. If you don't like either of these activities, then don't bother w/ this game. If you do.......I think you'll thoroughly enjoy it.

Ancient MosiaT

kamakazi | 1
Pros: None
Comments: Did not like this game at all, it was very tedious and boring. Would not recommend...

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