The Hidden Object Show

Game Genre(s): Arcade, For Purchase,...

Full Description

Ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire? The Hidden Object Show has 30 unique scenes and 11 different game modes to create over 330 rounds of gameplay that will keep you fighting for your shot at millions. Taking place on the set of a quirky game show, annoying host and all, you´re presented with a series of challenging hunting and searching assignments all to prove just how tough you are in the face of adversity for a chance to win The Ultimate Prize. No one has finished it yet, will you?

  • 11 modes and 5 new
  • 330 object finding rounds and 30 captivating scenes
  • 30 prizes to collect: bigger grand-prizes each time you replay
  • 15 plus hours of gameplay

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iesfinestwood | 5
Comments: I love this game and im probitly older than Sissygirl and i love it so much i played it about 100 times i play it over and over and over again til next time ENJOY THIS FABULUS GAME

game show hidden object

sissygirl12 | 1
Pros: none
Cons: everything
Comments: I love hidden object games, but this is lame and I did not enjoy playing the game maybe it's for younger people. I really did not like the game show aspect.

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