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Once upon a time Mr. Rabbit decided to read his favorite fairy tale, The Snow Queen. As he pulled it from a high shelf, he took a tumble, and all the words flew out of the book. You didn´t know they could do that, did you? Now he needs to collect all of letters to form words, and all the words to recreate the story. Help Mr. Rabbit to collect the lost letters, but be careful - some words were bewitched, and their letters can freeze the whole world. Collect all the words so this beloved tale isn´t lost to the world.

  • Multiple power-ups
  • Immersive story mode
  • Outstanding power-ups

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Comments: ok game

Jabber Could be a Bit Fabber

MasterCB76 | 3
Pros: Good for young players just starting out in word games
Cons: Too slow to keep my adult attention
Comments: This game is very slow moving. It does have its pros, as I feel it is good for young players, who need to improve their vocabulary (although they will need an adult to assist them). Otherwise, it is very slow, and could use a makeover in the theme of the game. My recommendation is for school age children, around middle school.

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