Airborne Troops

Game Genre(s): Action/Adventure

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Occupied France is no place for an allied soldier to land unprepared. Yet this American Paratrooper Sergeant has.

On a mission to drop two secret agents into occupied territory the Sergeant´s aircraft is shot down, leaving one of his agents seriously wounded. It is now the Sergeant´s duty to replace the ailing agent and complete the stealth missions himself.

Airborne Troops is an infiltration action-adventure based on authentic events of WWII. Through extensive studies of archives and historical documents all weapons, uniforms, locations, and situations have been recreated as they were at the time.

Filled with awesome gunfights and challenging strategic dilemmas, Airborne Troops will keep you enthralled until completion. So strap on your parachute Sergeant, it´s time to earn those stripes.

Airborne Troops personifies life on the knife´s edge. The game´s exceptionally precise lighting system and sound environment leaves little room for error. As soon as the enemy detects the slightest sight or sound from you, your life is in danger.

Please note: In order to play this game, you must have DivX Codec installed. Please click here to download it.

  • Relive the 48 hour preceding D-day
  • Based on events in the places where they accurately happened, actually recreated from archives and historical documents
  • Complete the variety of commando missions successfully and become a hero. Fail and history will be redefined and the world map redrawn
  • All weapons and uniforms have been recreated in great detail for an authentic WWII experience
  • 3 rd Person Shooter that includes fierce gun battles as well as tactical and strategic missions

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Keshia | 1
Comments: I didn't really like this game because it doesn't show you how to play so i had no idea what to do or how to control the man. I think they should have added how to control the man that would have made the game much easier, especially for someone that doesn't know how to play shooting games but i was giving it a try anyway.


bFly2001 | 1
Pros: Graphics some
Cons: Keyboard
Comments: I don't enjoy playing games that involve the keyboard. Because there is just so much to remember that it got confusing. I thought games were here to entertain and not stress you out. Others may enjoy but I'm just not one of them.

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