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In Azteca, each piece is touching 6 other pieces (apart from those in the corners or on the edges of the board). Moving one piece means moving a group of three, as the piece is attached to the two others next to it, so just click on the group to rotate all three clockwise. This is the great original feature of this matching game which, although easy to grasp, will never cease to challenge you.

Align the pieces in three or more of the same color to explode them, remove the pieces with letters on them to form the mystery word, take advantage of the bonuses and dodge the traps blocking your path: Azteca has 150 tricky levels waiting to be solved before your time limit runs out!

  • 150 levels
  • Varied and different power-ups
  • Progressive game difficulty

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Aztec Match 3

mare | 4
Pros: A change of pace for a match 3
Cons: Could have had a prettier back ground scene
Comments: Here is a differenet kind of match three. You dont move one item, you actually spin 3. Some have letters on them and the object is to get all of them. Then will then spell out a message on a stone tablet at the end of the round. Each level will tell a story or relate some interesting facts. You can play it over and over it really never ends if you like it. It's really different and fun. A great time killer.

Good Game

KUZ | 4
Pros: Easy to play
Cons: Boring after a while
Comments: Good Game. You have to match colors to collect letters to spelll words. Just follow the instructions while a new clue comes up on how to get rid of the object.

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