Bookworm Adventures™

Game Genre(s): Word/Board

Full Description

Help Lex battle the biggest threat the Great Library has ever known. Perform wordy wonders to vanquish tons of villains. Boost your word power with gems, potions and treasures. Conquer exciting mini-games and brilliant bonus modes. It´s the ultimate test of vocab valor.

  • Conquer 3 spellbinding storybooks and whomp over 150 foes
  • Master magical mini-games and the fast-paced Arena mode
  • Challenging fun for word masters and casual spellers alike
  • Unlock the Tome of Knowledge and tons of bonus features

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Bookworm Adventures

Rosalind | 5
Comments: I love ggames like this. With this game in order to kill them much faster you must at least find a five letter word and it would take about twoo and a half hearts from them.

Gotta love the worm

Zathros | 5
Pros: doesn't get boring
Comments: I found this a light hearted, fun game to play when I want to wind down after a long day.

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