Link Letter

Game Genre(s): Word/Board

Full Description

A seriously challenging logic puzzle, based on the hugely popular crossword, which both experienced puzzlers and novices will really enjoy. Link Letter starts with a blank grid, with groups of words of varying size listed at the side. The challenge is to figure out where each of these words fits in the grid, based on length of word and crossing letters. The puzzle is solved when all of the words have been used only once. It´s challenging, addictive, and fun for all the family.

  • 3 levels of difficulty: Simple, Normal and Hard
  • 12 Different Schemes to choose from
  • Hints & Tips: confirm if your current moves are correct or show move hint
  • Countdown Timer Mode
  • Restore Game on Startup option
  • Game Markers: use these to record the current state of game so that you can return to this point if you hit a dead-end
  • Unlimited undo lets you undo as many moves as you want
  • Pencil Marks: make notes directly on the grid to help you experiment with your next moves

Other Information

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