Horse Racing Manager

Game Genre(s): Sports

Full Description

Horse Racing Manager lets you enjoy the sport of kings at all levels. Choose whether to play the game as an owner, breeder, trainer, jockey or punter. Each activity will require specific know-how that you will be able to acquire with each play.

As an owner, you will have to keep an eye on your finances and optimize the working time of your staff as well as your own.

As a trainer, you will have to prepare your horses according to the goals you will set for the season, bearing in mind each horse´s characteristics and your financial constraints. Your ultimate goal as a trainer will be to improve their overall characteristics to their maximum capacity.

As a breeder, you will seek and hopefully find the right matches for reproduction. You will be in charge of the weekly report on each of your horses.

As a gambler, you will be able to visit the most famous racetracks and follow the greatest races, live. You will have to use all your gambling skills to increase your initial capital and avoid bankruptcy.

As a jockey, you will have to show your talents as a competitor and strategist in real time. Take into account your horse, the competitors, the racetrack, the weather conditions in order to have a chance to win.

Become a solo expert and then come face the other players on the internet, either in the racing or in the betting mode.

  • Choose to play as an owner, breeder, trainer, jockey or punter
  • Realistic gameplay
  • Play solo or against others online

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BlackRose | 3
Comments: the horses could have looked a bit more realistic

awesome game

bighotsexyal | 5
Comments: i love the track and can not get enough of it now i am even happier i can play a game to fill the time i am not at the track a must play for everyone

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