Ancient Sudoku

Game Genre(s): Word/Board

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Ancient Sudoku takes the classic puzzler to the next level, and if you want to emerge victorious, you´ll need to employ lateral thinking. Ancient Sudoku features an endless number of levels, a myriad of puzzle types, and a board editor that allows you to make your own puzzles. Print your puzzle and take it with you, choose from multiple tiles sets, and take advantage of in-game hints. Whatever you do, though, simply play the game!

  • Endless number of levels
  • Tons of different puzzle types
  • Make your own puzzles
  • Print your puzzle and take it with you

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Comments: OK. NOT FOR ME.

Ancient Sudoku

ofic | 4
Pros: It's Sudoku
Cons: No Double Sudoku
Comments: A nice simple rendition of the newspaper favorite Sudoku. If you don't know how to play this is a good game to get your feet wet. The boards are all 9x9, no double Sudoku or other variation. The puzzles are also offered with letters and colors but I can't get used to anything other than numbers. I recommend this game for both beginners and pros but feel the difficulty level a bit much for ages as low as 6 as the rating suggests.

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