Teddy Factory

Game Genre(s): Time Management, Arcade

Full Description

The orphans need Teddy Bears and the cruel new owner of the Teddy Factory is going to make you work for them. Grab Teddy Bear parts and assemble them into adorable stuffed toys before they reach the end of the assembly line. Succeed and you´ll climb the corporate ladder and on to new toys and factories. Fail and there will be a lot of sad orphans. Clock in today for puzzling fun.

Try your skill at a wild mix of matching and precision aiming, all with the drive of constant orders, and demanding customers. How far can you climb the Corporate ladder at the local Teddy Factory? Will you get that promotion? Can you move on to bigger and better toys? Bigger and better factories?

  • Colorful graphics
  • Fast-paced, time-management fun
  • In-game trophy room

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mama2011 | 4
Cons: machine belt goes to fast
Comments: good game if you are skilled and patience

The kids can build teddies

ofic | 4
Comments: As a worker for a factory it's your job to assemble teddy bears as they come down an assembly line. You make a child happy each time you successfully assemble one. The theme and graphics suggests it's a game for children but it's a game for young and old alike. The action can get pretty fast paced. I recommend it.

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