Ouba - The Great Journey

Game Genre(s): Puzzle/Match 3

Full Description

In Ouba - The Great Journey, tragedy has befallen the tropical paradise village that has been home to generations of lovable Ouba´s. Garouba´s dark magic has turned it into a charred wasteland, and his relentless hunting of the Ouba´s has scattered them across the lands.

Your help is needed to rescue the fleeing Ouba´s so that the village can be rebuilt. This won´t be an easy task though. There are thousands of Ouba´s you must protect, and the evil Garouba will attack you constantly.

  • Cute and colorful Match 3 game with an interesting storyline
  • Cool power-ups to help you along the way
  • Attractive graphics and sounds

Other Information

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Donsgirl | 3
Pros: cute story line for kids
Cons: saving Oubas repetitive
Comments: This game would be good for children. It is not for me.

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