Coffee Break 2

Game Genre(s): Strategy/Sim

Full Description

In this crazy adventure, you´ll experience plenty of mid-day shenanigans. Control four characters, and by using their specificities and very special relationship with their co-workers, save your energy in your tasks, blackmail your colleagues and plenty more.. But you should never forget: somebody is always watching.

It´s Monday morning. David and John have discovered monitoring cameras have been installed in the office over the past weekend. They can´t believe it: Who did that? Why? One thing is for sure: John, David, Emma, Annie and their colleagues will not accept it.. But management is watching and may discover their plans. So there is only one solution - hack the camera system.

  • Enjoy crazy office adventures with 4 unique characters
  • Hack the cameras and steal the video footage
  • Look out for your boss

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