Paintball Heroes

Game Genre(s): Sports

Full Description

Paintball Heroes brings one of the most popular outside sports indoors to the masses, letting players experience the thrill of the chase without even getting their feet wet. It´s not just a quick trigger finger that´s needed, to get through players will have to demonstrate sound judgment, tactics, and strategy if they are going to survive to become a Paintball Hero.

  • Great gun selection
  • 6 different game modes including Capture The Flag, Assassin, Free For All, and Arcade
  • Awesome splatter effects

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Average Rating


They can't get it right

HardcoreStealth | 2
Pros: Gun Selection and Game Types
Cons: Bad controls
Comments: Noone can ever seem to get a paintball game right. I've played them all and paintball heroes is the worst one out of Greg Hastings and NPPL. It also has some awful controls that will make your head hurt and as soon as you get shot you get reset so you dont even have time to think about what just happened. I dont judge a game by the graphics but this game is lacking good graphics or even colorful ones. The game does have a decent gun selection and average but pretty fun game types. If you're curious about the game give it a shot but dont expect anything special. I have yet to see a good paintball game :(

Could be better

1maddhatter | 2
Pros: Sounds ok
Cons: Bad control
Comments: Not too bad, but needs improvement. 1st person and somtimes your team freezes up. Good splatter tho......

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