Atlantis Quest

Game Genre(s): Arcade, Web Games,...

Full Description

The game takes you on an exciting quest of adventure and discovery around the ancient lands of the Mediterranean with the ultimate goal of finding the legendary lost continent of Atlantis. In every country your job is to assemble a precious artifact that will help you find the way to your destination. Using the classic matching game mechanics with a new twist, the developer has been able to come up with a seemingly familiar but extremely addictive gameplay. Accompanied by a riveting storyline, your journey across 76 explosive levels with quite impressive power-ups and multiple extra features turns into a highly enjoyable gaming experience.

  • Discover the legendary lost continent of Atlantis through assembling precious artifacts
  • Enjoy a new twist on the classic matching game mechanics
  • Great storyline, awesome power-ups, and 76 explosive levels

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Average Rating


Great Game

BobbieJ77 | 5
Pros: Fun and Challenging
Cons: None
Comments: I love this game! It's a great way to unwind after a long day.

Not too challenging

MVPLadybug | 3
Comments: I like this game only because I like match three games. Sometimes it is fun not to have to work in a panic. I think I will pull up this game when I want to drift along and not think too much. I am too competitive to be too enthused with this version of the game. I found myself trying to use up the time by building up the score ( which isn"t easy,"cause you can win by accident.)

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