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Match colorful gems and keep the customers happy. Sell gems and jewelry to smiling customers, but keep them waiting too long and they´ll storm out. You will need to give them a special treat to keep them happy and get the sale. Special tokens allow you to upgrade your shop with more jewelry and customer treats.

  • Keep you customers happy in the this Match 3 puzzler
  • Have fun making gorgeous jewelry and upgrading your shop
  • Suitable for all ages

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gems for gems

snickers1 | 5
Pros: the whole game is very, cute=)
Cons: u gotta work ur but off fast.
Comments: this is a very, CUTE =) game! its cool, sweet, and loads of fun! i played many jewles but love this one by far, its very, CUTE! 4 all ages. making it a top favorite ty, snickers1 =))))))

Nice Game

minilady | 3
Cons: Game becomes difficult too soon
Comments: I did not like the sliding part of the game and did not have enough bonuses.

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