Game Genre(s): Action/Adventure

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Born into the Sicilian mafia as one of four Italian brothers, Mario, Angelo, Romano or Sonny, players must work their way up within the family and compete with other gangsters and mafia factions from all over the world for supremacy in Paradise City.

Set up extortion rackets, bribe, steal, kill, bootleg, seduce, put out contracts, make drive-by hits, blow up buildings, get married and have children, build brothels and speak-easies, ally with international connections and much more.

Please note: This game is currently incompatible with Windows Vista OS. We are working on upgrading this title and will remove this warning once the game may be played in Windows Vista.

  • Steal, cheat, and lie your to the top in this mafia-themed adventure
  • Bargain with characters to up the stakes
  • If nothing else, always remember to watch your back

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