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This preschool is a playful place where preschoolers ages 3-5 learn they can succeed. The program includes activities from Millie´s Math House, Bailey´s Book House and Sammy´s Science House. There are 8 magical locations with 21 activities. Two ways to learn, "exploring and experimenting" and "question and answer" ensure kids find they way they like to learn. Multiple skill levels are built in so challenges keep pace with the child and fun friends encourage and guide children along the way. Kids love to play with the letter and number machines. Children can choose letters, both upper and lower case, and see funny animations. Click on "P" or use the keyboard and see a penguin painting or newt napping. Working with numbers 1-30 is a blast. Kids click on a number or use the keyboard and count worms,, mice and more. Kids work with shapes and sizes when they build a mouse house or build a bug. They may be challenged to build a bug with 4 eyes and 3 spots. Children can experiment with rhyming, make a card or make a story by filling in the blanks. Many activities can be printed when complete. This program covers all the skills for preschool success. Topics covered include reading and language skills like phonics, letter recognition, rhyming, written communication, vocabulary and more. Early math skills include number recognition, same and different, quantities, size and shapes. Other critical thinking skills and social skills are enhanced like problem solving, creativity, listening, following directions, spatial awareness, communication, courtesy and self-esteem. When kids play with Millie and Bailey they are always having fun while learning new things.

  • Learn the Alphabet
  • Learn your ABCs with the animated, talking Letter Machine. At the touch of a letter, Dinosaurs dance and Rhinos roller skate!
  • Compose a Story
  • Write your own adventure--filled with spaceships, flying carpets and jungles--in Make-a-Story. Then, see or hear your story as many times as you´d like. You can even print it out as a storybook.
  • Compare and Match Sizes
  • Little, Middle and Big need shoes! Help them try on boots, high tops, sandals, and slippers as you explore the concept of size.
  • Explore Quantities
  • Learn about quantity and numbers as you choose up to ten rolling eyes, wagging tails, wiggling antennae, and other moving parts in Build-a-Bug.

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bFly2001 | 4
Comments: Great game to get the kids recognizing letters, numbers and more all while having fun and learning as well.

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