Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

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Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing provides dynamic one-on-one keyboarding instruction and assessment that adapts to individual student needs at all levels. Students improve their keyboarding speed and accuracy through Mavis´ Customizable lessons, challenging drills, and collection of engaging, skill-building games.

  • Improve your accuracy and speed while enjoying fun exercises
  • Learn how to properly anchor your fingers on the keyboard
  • Truly the quickest and easiest way to learn typing

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Great Typing Aid

gamegirl86 | 5
Comments: This is a great program to help anyone learn to type or improve your speed. It mixes both typing drills with games to hold your interest and teach you the proper way to type. You will learn (or relearn) how to anchor your fingers on the home keys. As well as the proper way to strike each key (the screen tells you which finger to use for each key). It helped improve my typing speed in a short amount of time. I recommend this game/program to everyone and anyone who needs help with their typing skills. Great for all ages.

Typing Teachers

bFly2001 | 4
Pros: Teaches correct hand technique
Cons: None
Comments: This is more than a game. This is really the best computer teacher of teaching people haw to type and do it corectly. It show you how to position you hands on the keyboard while mixing in ok games so that you won't get bored or fustrated. Those who wanna learn to type or get your speed up should try this game. An it's good for everyone in the family to try as well.

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