Sacred GOLD

Game Genre(s): 101 We Love, Action/Adventure

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In Sacred Gold you get to choose from an assortment of characters, each with unique fighting styles and special abilities. Various play options allow for online multiplayer, as well as an expansive single player quest, which boasts over 200 missions including side quests. Innovative additions to gameplay include environmental factors such as a day-to-night cycle, which will effect the abilities of the Vampire character (she takes the form of a knight by day, and draws on her vampire strengths at night.

  • Exciting role-playing game with an assortment of characters to choose from
  • Over 200 missions to complete including side quests
  • Great graphics and engaging storyline

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chubbycherub | 5
Pros: Enjoying this game very much
Cons: The chests and barrels do not regenerate gold and goodies
Comments: I am a Huge fan of Oblivion the elder scrolls this is kind of an alternative to it. Of course the graphics on Gold pale in comparison but nonetheless it is a pretty awesome RPG! maybe Verizion will put some Elder scroll games including oblivion on here.

Sacred Gold

bFly2001 | 4
Pros: Graphics Characters
Cons: Controls
Comments: This game was cool you get to pick your player from lots of different characters and the skills they know. You can be a vampire, knight, warrior and more. You go on quest daily to try to survive this game is for older people.

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