Subway Scramble

Game Genre(s): Time Management

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This fast-paced thinking puzzle puts you at the switch directing subway cars through miles of mazes as you navigate your way around the world from New York to Seoul. Power-ups and bonuses boost your speed and bring you more tokens, helping you to maneuver your way through each city and unscramble the railways of the world´s most interesting urban undergrounds. If you have ever played with trains and think you can handle the challenge of being a switchboard operator on an urban subway system, then this Subway Scramble will get your locomotive going.

  • Collect power-ups and bonuses to increase your speed
  • Easy-to-use gameplay
  • Bright and colorful graphics

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Subway Scramble

ofic | 4
Pros: Cute idea
Cons: This is a difficult game
Comments: It sounds easy, deliver passengers to their correct station and don't crash into other trains or fail to throw the right switch. Catch a few rats along the way by running into them. It's easy until you do it and it got real difficult for me after only a few levels. I can't imagine what a world tour would bring. Definitely a scramble to fun. Ideal for a young person who can think quick and SCRAMBLE. I recommend it.

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