Tropico - Mucho Macho Edition

Game Genre(s): 101 We Love, Strategy/Sim

Full Description

Tropico Mucho Macho Edition is the definitive Tropico compilation, including the original Tropico, the Paradise Island expansion, 12 all-new scenarios, the official Brady Games strategy guide and an in-depth making-of featurette.

As the all-powerful dictator, El Presidente, you face new challenges as you build your thriving island paradise, not to mention a bountiful Swiss bank account. Industry, mining, agriculture, or tourism, the power is in your hands to shape the economy of your island according to your vision. Tropico provides over 85 structures to build, from hotels and spas for tourists to banana groves, sugar plantations and bauxite mines for food and basic exports, to rum distilleries and cigar factories for basic industry. Plan your growth well, and you´ll have plenty of money to buy your people´s favor. Plan your growth poorly, and, well, there´s always martial law...

  • 12 all-new scenarios
  • Over 85 structures to build
  • Stunning graphics

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Average Rating


good game

Sue420 | 4
Comments: Interesting game, liked making my own island and qualities of a ruler. Interesting game play. Enjoyed it


jamie79 | 4
Pros: building and ruling
Cons: none
Comments: This game is very interesting. You are the ruler and have to build up your area. You also need to earn the votes of your people so that you can stay the ruler. You can bribe people or do things the honest way. I did things the best I could the same way I would if I ruled and area and I earned my peoples votes. This game is a fun way to build and earn money I play this game for hours at a time.

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